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FAQ for Bakeries & Pastry shops

If your question is not among the following frequently asked questions, download the book at the following link.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 09-19 hours schedule Spain .
If you have an annual license maintenance program consisting mail or via telephone support and updates has you covered if you have a permanent license must have this service and active day.
Once you have downloaded the program from our website or CD we sent you click Run and follow the instructions.
Do not uninstall the demo that has the program and when you purchase the license directly will register the demo, will also receive the updater program to put the latest version.
You can purchase the product through our website store option or through our telephone customer support. The registration program will be within 0-48 hours, depending on the time and day of the week you make your purchase. Remember to send the record ID email once made it.
The steps to follow are:
  • a. Verify that you maintain your program daily.
  • b. Perform a backup.
  • c. Contact by mail or telephone to retrieve your license number to her register the program once it has completed its formatting or change of equipment.
Since the icon of "Settings >> Backup >> Backup".
If you restore a backup in your program you will lose the information you have in these moments that you have on that copy. This option is only advisable to do in formatting, change of equipment.
In the main program screen will comes the option of connecting multiple computers in a network. Follow these instructions. Remember to register for the program to be licensed per computer.
In every window you can access the help icon press there, and tell you how to work properly. You can also download the program manual entering "Settings > Manual".
To permit users must go to Settings >> Other >> permissions to users, select the user to whom you want to give permissions and mark what you do not want the user to have access. For more options press the "+" sign that appears to the left of the option.
You must go to the icon of " Settings >> Other >> Order passwords" when entering.
The first thing to do is check if you have installed the drivers for your printer and if the ticket is set from the (Settings >> Other >> High of printers) program. Once the previous step has to go to "Settings >> Other >> Opening cassette" select the type of port that has your printer and press to try and save if I made this choice the casing is pressed open the exit button and your box is set up. If you still can not open the box has to go to " Windows >> Control Panel >> Printers and Faxes " and locate the printer properties marked sure that there is the option to open cash.
Make sure your printer is installed in Windows (we recommend their drivers) made from the properties option a test page. Once this page and have it printed, you have to enter the program and must go to " Settings >> Others >> High of printers >> Ticket printers " and follow the instructions on the screen to give it high.
Para reprint a ticket or a bill has to go to reprint listings ticket or invoice.
Make sure your printer is on and properly connected to your computer is
  • Go to &Quot; Windows Control Panel >> Printers " and the " Printer Properties " check if it makes a test page.
  • If you do not see your technician.
  • If you perform the test page, make sure that when boxed gives complete sale has marked . ticket box print
  • If you have marked and will not print, you must go to " Settings >> Printers " and enlist the ticket printers.
To put logo on your ticket refer to the properties of your printer ticket and if this makes the function.
This option is impossible because the ticket numbers must be correlative.
To view the listings must have discharged a printer listed, this should be DIN A-4, if you have no printer these features physically nothing happens, you just have to give any one from " Windows >> Control Panel >> Printers " then go to the program " Settings >> Others >> Printers " and enlist printers listed.
Install the demo program on another computer and restore a backup, but the program will point out expired listings into staying operating so you can work with them from another computer.
You must go to "Settings >> Others >> Change language ".
These products are what are called developed products to register them has to go to " Service >> Products >> Product made " and there fill out all data in the product including the amount of each ingredient used in its manufacture.
The sale of these products from cash is done in the same way as other products.
When we register a product of the choices we have to fill the product sold by quantity or weight. In this case we would point out by weight, the selling price in the high mark product is the price of a kilo.
When we sell a product from box weight I will ask the product weight and I get the price I have given as a kilo at the bottom, if it is a product that will change the price of the kilo continually able to change this line.
This type of promotions and discounts worth and more can create them from the option promotions.
If you want to upload all the products of the supplier, we have to go to Settings / price, I select the provider and indicated the rise we will do.
You can register right from their customers the option to " Maintenance " customers; or from " box >> High of customers".
You must go to " Service >> By historical consumption >> Sales History " and indicate the dates between which I want to see what were their visits.
There are two possibilities:
  • the first is that you create a delivery note to the customer, this will have to perform when given to finalize sale select the option Waybill (important eye selected in the sale a customer to you this option appears, ie customer by default it is not allowed to make invoices).
  • The other possibility is that when you make the sale in case, you must make him your record, that is, first find the customer and then select products. When we finalize sale, we see the option of debt and generate you a debt, which could clear when you return to our site.
When you make a sale to a customer, the end will have the option to print invoices.
All you have to do is go to box, look for the client you want to turn your invoices into invoices, press " Conversion " and select the invoices to make with it a bill. Once this is done, finalize the sale.
When you want to perform an invoice to a customer first thing to do before making the sale is to select the customer in cash and to finalize the sale invoice printing.
If you have not registered passwords director of the program, all you have to do is leave it blank. If you have given passwords to employees and the director enter the password.
What you have to do is click on a box in the upper part and perform new sales sale without removing the previous one, the previous sale the option can recover from active sales.
You must go to " cash register >> Body Options >> Sales return and charged or credited ", select the number of ticket sales and realize what my client gives me back end sales when you give me this amount will appear negative.
If you can work with money on deposit
  • To enable this option first of all you have to go to " Settings >> Others >> Activate money on deposit. &Quot;
  • Next Step " Service >> Customers " You have to find his client and press " Activate money on deposit "
  • You must go to box, find the customer and press put money on deposit and enter the amount that lets you giving complete sale
  • When customers come and seek His record at the time of charging will tell us whether we want to pay the money on deposit.
To modify a Stand sale box, click modify sale, enter the ticket number to modify and make the necessary changes. Concluding the press modification end sale.
  1. First of all is an Internet connection.
  2. Then register for the SMS sending module only by filling out the form.
  3. To be able to buy credits to see shipments and prices of credit has to go to / Tienda / Créditos SMS


  • Business hours:
    Monday-Friday: 09.00h to 19.00h
    Spain time
  • Paseo Europa 7
    28703 Madrid (Spain)
  • (+34) 902.998.253
  • (+34) 91.310.18.80
  • (+34) 91.702.07.42


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