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Oficinas Solvermedia

Solvermedia is a complete software maker, accessible and easy to use business management company. Helping thousands of medium and small companies around the world streamline their management with constant software improvements that will help you grow rapidly and profitably, on a base of comprehensive and effective way, besides a single, affordable solution economic.

His 15 years of experience creating and supporting programs in Madrid - Spain, Buenos Aires - Argentina, Santiago - Chile, Lima - Peru, Bogota - Colombia, San Juan - Puerto Rico, San Jose - Costa Rica, Mexico City. - Mexico, Miami Florida - USA. guarantee the quality of our products.

The team Solvermedia

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Solvermedia Products

CRM and billing for small businesses

Comprehensively controls both budgets, delivery notes, invoices and expenses of your business

POS for managing Shoe and shoe stores

Manages and controls your shoe business, shoe repair, accessories, leather goods

POS for Bakeries and Pastry shops

Touch POS aimed at bakeries and patisseries management

POS management for Minimarket

Controls all sales. If you want a simple and manageable POS !! this is yours

POS for clothing stores

manages and controls your fashion business, clothing, sports, accessories, jewelry, or any business that differentiates between Sizes and Colors

POS software for restaurants

POS Software aimed at the management of restaurants, cafeterias, catering businesses.

POS for Pubs and Clubs

POS Software aimed at the management of clubs, bars, pubs. Intuitive, free download and works with all of your options from the start

POS for Fastfood Restaurants

Burgers, pizza, etc. A program to manage and control your restaurant business

POS for Beauty Centers and Salons

POS for the management of aesthetic centers and beauty salons. Complete customer management, bonds, sales of services or products pack, warehouse control, etc.

POS for Managing for Hairdressers

Control of customer sales histories, appointment calendars, POS sales service, product sales, service bonuses.

POS for Cosmetic Clinics

Control sales service, product sales, customer bonuses, monitoring patients with one click.

POS for Perfumes and Toiletries

POS software and program management, invoicing and stock control of perfumeries, drugstores and aesthetics.

POS for Centers SPA and Urban Spas

For business as spa, wellness center, spa, controlling cash bonuses, service pack, control treatments for several days, booking, customer management.

España España

(+34) 913.101.880
(+34) 917.020.742

Argentina Argentina

Buenos Aires
Rest of the country
(11) 598.411.56

Chile Chile

Ciudad de Santiago
Rest of the country
(22) 581.390.2

Mexico Mexico

Rest of the country
(55) 462.424.92

Perú Perú

Rest of the country
(1) 708.564.0

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

San Juan
(787) 945.064.2

US United States

(786) 384.667.5

Colombia Colombia

(1) 381.166.9

Costa Rica Costa Rica

San José
(506) 400.120.60